Future Manufacturing: Re-Industrialisation

Published on: 24/10/2022


Executive TV’s latest programme: “Future Manufacturing: Re-Industrialisation” welcomes three exciting businesses thriving in the current manufacturing environment:

Blends Ltd is a global supplier of natural food flavours, colours and ingredients. Blends flavours and colours focus specifically on ingredients, cutting-edge technologies and consumer innovation to build and develop key core competencies within their flavours and colour portfolio.

Contracts Engineering Ltd operates as its clients’ onshore manufacturing partner for sheet metalwork and metal fabrication services, including design and manufacture, supply chain integration and quality assurance. Contracts Engineering is unique in that it only manufactures other companies’ products and sus assemblies and offers fully supply chain fulfilment.

DCR Machines are the UK’s leading multiple industry suppliers of machinery for footwear, textiles, automotive, rubber processing, packaging and gaskets. DCR Machines are dedicated to offering solutions to the most complex of manufacturing projects through innovation.

First broadcast on our usual channel, SKY 181, Sunday 23rd October @ 10.30 am.

Published Date: 24/10/2022