Digital Workers

Published on: 15/03/2021


Digital Transformation: Digital Workers” features two companies at the beating heart of innovation with different approaches, explaining how technology has altered the position of work in our lives and more importantly, where we fit.

Centelli is on a mission to transform the modern workplace through intelligent automation. Their aim is to create the workforce of the future where digital workers collaborate with staff to deliver higher profitability and improved customer and employee experience.

Lorien is a technology, transformation and telecom recruitment specialist combining tech expertise with the scope, depth and breadth of large-scale talent solutions. They work with all sectors, sizes and tech needs – from start-up to established tech companies and that utilising tech to propel them further.

Their insight paints an exciting and innovative future of the digital workspace and one where we, the workers, either digital or not will be integral to its success.

Published Date: 15/03/2021