Digital Transformation: eHealthCare Solutions

Published on: 31/12/2020


Digital transformation is having a profound effect on healthcare and new opportunities are emerging day by day. The Covid-19 pandemic has generated conversation about key workers and the incredible work they do to improve our lives. The new track and trace app also reached headlines in the UK but few have given context to this new age of digital transformation that makes such developments possible.

This programme, “Digital Transformation: eHealthcare Solutions” provides such context with interviews from two incredible businesses working hard to protect and improve the NHS.  

DocComs was founded in response to a need for a secure and NHS-approved medical communication system with clinical functionality. The protection that DocComs affords its users gives individuals peace of mind with their patient data, adhering to NHS and data guidelines of confidentiality and safety.

Aire Logic are an IT consultancy specialising in the healthcare space by providing a wealth of knowledge and experience in system integration; system architecture and the full software development lifecycle.

Published Date: 31/12/2020