Digital Transformation: Digital Innovations

Published on: 13/06/2022


In Executive TV’s latest programme: “Digital Transformation: Digital Innovations” we welcome those at the vanguard of a digital revolution alongside their customers whose experience and expertise bears witness to such rapid evolution.

Axia Digital, with many years of experience helping numerous customers notably the NHS, design manageable streamlined technological solutions. This orderly system of managing data etc. throughout the pandemic ensured that Axia Digital faced and met a set of challenges within a short timeframe to manage the crucial demands the NHS in particular, was faced with.

Blue Prism are peerless leaders in their Robotic Process Automation systems. Innovating an adaptable digital workforce that continually expands to meet one’s enterprise needs. Allowing Private & Public Sector leaders to enable their people in reclaiming the time they need, to focus on continuing great work with leading technological innovation.

Golden Marzipan combines a number of key technologies –with passionately driven people and a culture that brings everything together. Golden Marzipan was created by those who simply believe in the potential of further innovation especially in the Social Housing sector.

Published Date: 13/06/2022