Digital Resources

Published on: 23/11/2021


Digital transformation is inevitable but how can H.R. departments take that definitive next step? For many, the answer lies in training and education. Presently, there is a growing skills gap and emerging tech talent is struggling to be snapped up by the right people. This problem and the many complications now emerging due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is the focus of Executive TV’s latest programme: “Digital Transformation: Digital Resources.” On this programme we have three exciting businesses used to making these defining difficult choices:

I-10 Limited works with clients to deliver tangible, sustainable transformation outcomes, helping them to be the best they can be. Their personal development practice uses a range of techniques including coaching, training and counseling to transform individual clients and groups. Our practitioners are BACP and NLP certified experts in their field.

Zalaris are a leading service provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions across Europe. Their mission is to simplify HR and payroll administration, and empower you with useful information so that you can invest more in people. They believe that the best results are achieved, not by being the best in the team but by bringing the best out of your team, and supporting each other across the finish line.

OneFile invest in award-winning support teams as well as designing a learning platform that’s efficient, engaging and works with all apprenticeships, training and vocational qualifications. For almost 20 years OneFile have pioneered EdTech, supporting over 1.2 million people to learn for their future.

Also featured are speakers from Golding Homes and the Food Standards Agency

Published Date: 23/11/2021