Digital Partnerships

Published on: 10/11/2020


For many of us, 2020 looked set to be a year just like any other and until the first murmurings of the coronavirus had begun trickling into the national consciousness, who could have predicted just how different our lives would be, what great losses and surprising opportunities could come forth from such unprecedented times?

Executive TV’s latest programme, “Digital Partnerships” focuses on three industry leaders who are keen to tell us how they have been affected by the virus.

CDG is a leading software house and innovation hub specializing in developing and implementing robust, scalable and flexible software solutions for the enterprise market.

UBDS delivers digital transformation with unrivalled efficiency and speed. Harnessing tomorrow's technology today.

Flax and Teal is focused on open technology and its ability to transform business and society, through efficiency and interlinking.

Published Date: 10/11/2020