Digital Experience

Published on: 23/09/2019


The Digital Experience programme looks at how technology is being used to increase user experience and enjoyment as well as how we interact with data.

Digital transformation has been the journey almost every organisation has been embarking on. Businesses now understand the benefits that new technology such a A.I and big data analytics can bring to individual departments and entire organisations. 

This programme features three industry experts, keen to talk about how Digital Transformation is changing the world as we know it.

Quidini offers B2B SaaS software that enables omni-channel retailers to grow their profitability through powering their stores of the future with software to perfectly choreograph their customer experiences and shop floor operations.

Clover DX is a data integration platform for designing, automating and operating data jobs at scale. It’s their mission to help businesses gain victories over their biggest data challenges.

Enterprise Blueprints are an outcomes focused IT Architecture & Strategy Specialist trusted to solve complex IT problems for financial service organisations.

Published Date: 23/09/2019