Developments in UK Manufacturing

Published on: 06/03/2023


Executive TV’s latest programme, “Developments in UK Manufacturing”, will feature discussion and analysis from key industry experts:

Autotech Robotics Ltd are experts in the field of robots and robotic manufacturing systems.

FANUC UK Ltd provide industrial automation solutions, specialising in factory automation.

Pilgrim’s Food Masters produce a wide range of high-quality and nutritious foods for UK consumers.

CAMA Group is an international leader in the engineering and production of high-technology packaging systems.

Perfect Bore Manufacturing Ltd provide deep hole drilling services across several sectors including aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear, medical and automotive.

First broadcast on SKY 181 on Sunday 5th March @10.00 (am), then again on Sunday 2nd April @ 10.00 (am) 

Published Date: 06/03/2023