Help Save a Life

Posted on: 15/08/2016


Giving someone the gift of life is definitely the most precious gift you could give to anyone. Yet, on many occasions some are left disheartened at the prospect of saving a dear one due to the lack of organ or blood donors.

While the cycle of life in inevitable, what you choose as an option post your death is still your prerogative. There are people who are either unaware of the importance of donating blood or an organ, while there are others who dissuade themselves by thinking that their contribution won’t make much of a difference anyway.

According to reports, to meet the demand for sight-saving transplants, approximately 70 donations are needed weekly. However, it is said that one out of 10 registered NHS organ donors opt out of having their eyes donated.

Going ahead to register yourself as an organ donor will ultimate help save a person’s life after your death. This is, but of course, a very personal choice and what one decides is completely up to them. But giving it a thought is, in itself, a step towards giving a helping hand. The selfless act of saving someone’s life after you have passed away is laudable and should most definitely be encouraged.